Ultimate Cards are used as summons, and are used to determine how much mana you can store for spells. Each card has its own maximum of mana storage, and when this meter is full, you can unleash a summon by holding down triangle and circle. Your character will be covered by a dark reddish aura (damaging spell) or purple (Takemi), and will summon the creature. Most summons are used to damage or impede enemies, while some others are used to heal and buff your character. Most players is more favored by Grendel than Bahamut because Grendel is easier to make and more affordable. Also when your in a guild quest and you have a comrade(s), if you have a same summon you can combine your summon to your comrade(s) (note: you and your comrades can combine summon if you have the same summon and can only be activated if one unleashes summon and you can unleash the same summon to make it more stronger. Also the most powerful summon can reach their level up to 4 because guild can only hold 4 players). Example: if someone summon Grendel you can also summon your own Grendel if you have Grendel then it will be level 2. It becomes stronger when more players have the same summon.

Ultimate Card ListEdit

Name Cost Materials Spell Name Mana Gauge Effect
Takemikazuchi 5500 Takemi Core x1, Power Rune x1 Lantern Dance 2/5 Summons an orb of light that distracts other monsters in battle.
Azdaja 13700 Azdaja Core x1, Serpent Rune x2

Life Drain

3/5 Restores a small ammount of HP and gives Drain status, allowing you to steal other monsters HP for your own.
Hecatoncheir 14000 Hecatoncheir Core x1, Fire Rune x1, Power Rune x1 Hundred Guards 4/5 Heals all status alignments and forms a shield around the character, boosting defence.
Agni 11000 Agni Core x1, Fire Rune x2 Scarlet Shock 3/5 Knocks out all monsters for about 10 seconds.
Bahamut 19500 Bahamut Core x1, Dragon Rune x3, Ruby Dust x2 Mega Flare 5/5 Casts a Mega Flare at the center of the battlefield, causing heavy damage on all enemies.
Nidhogg 18900 Nidhogg Core+ x1, Serpent Rune x1, Dragon Rune x1

Final Howl

3/5 Slows down all monsters in the battlefield.
Grendel 15600 Grendel Core x1, Warrior Rune x1 Holy Beam 3/5 Causes moderate damage on all monsters, randomly hitting each 1~6 times.
Vermillion 24500 Vermillion Core x2, Conqueror Rune x3 Berserk 4/5 Boosts your attack and all weaknesses attack
Siegfried 25500

Siegfried Core x2,

Conqueror Rune x1

Warrior Rune x1

Ring of Nibelung 2/5 Makes it faster and easier to knock down monster

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