Introduction Edit

The heavy blade will slow you down as well as raise your pulse faster than one-handed swords, but the reach is excellent and each blow delivers lots of damage. Two-handed swords are the only two-handed weapons that let you equip shields. In addition to defense, shields can also be used to reflect attacks on the foe with a well-timed block. As you become more proficient, you will also be able to follow a successful deflection with a counter-attack by pressing [cross]. After dodging an enemy's attack, you can press [square] to perform an Evade Strike. Hold down [circle] to charge your magic power and use charge spells. As your magic proficiency increases, the amount of time needed to charge will decrease. As upgrades progress, you could potentially unlock other paths, so be sure to keep options and eyes open for these branching paths.

Battle Arts Edit

Rampaging Blade  weapon proficiency lvl. 1

Rampaging Blade lets you charge forward while swinging the sword. It will easily knock away any smaller monsters in your path. This skill makes your character charge forward for 4 small hits followed by a wide slash that does a medium amount of damage.

Shadowless Prayer  weapon proficiency lvl. 11

Shadowless Prayer is risky but powerful. If you are attacked when in the stance, you will quickly move behind into your foe's blind spot (at the back) and attack them. As your weapon proficiency increases, you will be able to perform an additional attack with [triangle] . A "counterattack" art, your character assumes a stance for (~5 sec). It has a startup time (~1 sec) so don't do it at the moment they attack.

True Radiant Slash  weapon proficiency lvl. 15

True Radiant Slash is a charge attack in which you swing the sword around you to build up power before slamming it into its target. You can also hold down [triangle] to charge up and increase the damage done. Be careful when using this battle art as it can leave you standing there and the consquences may be dire.

Nirrti  weapon proficiency lvl. 20

Nirrti will greatly increase the speed and number of your attacks, though you'll lose the ability to block. As you continue to land attacks, you will be able to prolong their effects. It's vital to evade attack as you strike your foes. Also you cannot be knocked down by most monsters and some boss moves.

Two-Handed Sword Enhance Tree Edit

Bronze Sword Edit

Name Attack Agility Luck Crafted Enhanced From
Bronze Sword 313 21 20 Yes
IndentLBeast Bronze Sword 410 21 20 Bronze Sword
IndentBIndentFBronze Sword Butcher 526 21 20 Beast Bronze Sword
IndentBIndentIIndentLBronze Sword Striker 597 33 20 Bronze Sword Butcher
IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentLBronze Sword Skinner 631 21 20 Bronze Sword Butcher
IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentBIndentFBronze Sword Breaker 725 40 20 Bronze Sword Skinner
IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentBIndentFBronze Sword Maximum 772 40 20 Bronze Sword Skinner
IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentBIndentLClaymore 716 21 24 Yes Bronze Sword Skinner
IndentBIndentLHunting Sword 426 21 20 Yes Beast Bronze Sword

Hunting Sword Edit

Name Attack Agility Luck Crafted Enhanced From
Hunting Sword 426 21 20 Yes Beast Bronze Sword
IndentLArc Hunting Sword 490 21 24 Hunting Sword
IndentBIndentFPower Hunting Sword 590 21 32 Arc Hunting Sword
IndentBIndentIIndentLDominion Hunting Sword 652 21 28 Power Hunting Sword
IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentLCherubim Hunting Sword 698 21 32 Dominion Hunting Sword
IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentBIndentLGod Hunting Sword 720 21 20 Cherubim Hunting Sword
IndentBIndentLZero End 556 26 20 Yes Arc Hunting Sword

Zero End

Name Attack Agility Luck Crafted Enhanced From
Zero End 556 21 20 Yes Arc Hunting Sword
IndentLCoated Zero End 638 21 24 Zero End
IndentBIndentFZero End Assault 729 21 20 Coated Zero End
IndentBIndentLKiller Edge Zero End 702 21 20 Coated Zero End
-coming soon-

Death Kopis Edit

Name Attack Agility Luck Crafted Enhanced From
Death Kopis 546 21 20 Yes Arc Hunting Sword
IndentLDeath Kopis Blaze 645 21 24 Death Kopis
IndentBIndentLDeath Kopis Reaper 707 21 20 Death Kopis Blaze
IndentBIndentIIndentLDeath Kopis Abyss 787 21 20 Death Kopis Reaper
-coming soon-

Claymore Edit

Name Attack Agility Luck Crafted Enhanced From
Claymore 716 21 24 Yes Bronze Sword Skinner
IndentLZweihander 680 21 16 Claymore
IndentBIndentLZweihander Evil 757 21 16 Zweihander
-coming soon-

Tyrfing Edit

Name Attack Agility Luck Crafted Enhanced From
Tyrfing 330 17 20 Yes
IndentLSacred Tyrfing 621 17 20 Tyrfing
IndentBIndentFSaint Tyrfing 842 17 20 Sacred Tyrfing
IndentBIndentIIndentLMaster Tyrfing 1000 15 20 Saint Tyrfing
IndentBIndentLChaos Tide 685 21 20 Yes Sacred Tyrfing
-coming soon-

Chaos Tide Edit

Name Attack Agility Luck Crafted Enhanced From
Chaos Tide 685 21 20 Yes Sacred Tyrfing
IndentLChaos Tide Hardgear 779 21 24 Chaos Tide
IndentBIndentFChaos Tide God Killer 919 21 28 Chaos Tide Hardgear
IndentBIndentLBalmung 886 21 16 Chaos Tide Hardgear
IndentBIndentBIndentLBalmung Hard Killer 970 21 16 Balmung
-coming soon-

Great Sword Edit

Name Attack Agility Luck Crafted Enhanced From
Great Sword 384 21 20 Yes
IndentLGreat Sword Butcher 455 21 20 Great Sword
IndentBIndentFGreat Sword Skinner 659 21 20 Great Sword Butcher
IndentBIndentIIndentFGreat Sword Assault 786 21 16 Great Sword Skinner
IndentBIndentIIndentIIndentFGreat Sword Hellfire 881 21 16 Great Sword Assault
IndentBIndentIIndentIIndentLGreat Sword Final 952 21 12 Great Sword Hellfire
IndentBIndentIIndentLGreat Sword Flame 795 21 12 Great Sword Assault
IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentLMyrmidowalz Great Sword Flame
IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentBIndentFMyrmidowalz Powered Myrmidowalz
IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentIIndentLMyrmidowalz Heavy Attack Myrmidowalz Powered
IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentIIndentBIndentLMyrmidowalz Hercules Myrmidowalz Heavy Attack
IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentLMyrmidowalz Flame Myrmidowalz
IndentBIndentFDainsleif 623 21 20 Yes Great Sword Butcher
IndentBIndentFSlayer Sword 472 17 28 Yes Great Sword Butcher
IndentBIndentLDragoon Slayer 576 21 30 Yes Great Sword Butcher

Dainsleif Edit

Name Attack Agility Luck Crafted Enhanced From
Dainsleif 623 21 20 Yes Great Sword Butcher
IndentLDainsleif Nights 734 21 20 Dainsleif
IndentBIndentFDainsleif Dark Nights 800 21 20 Dainsleif Nights
IndentBIndentIIndentFDainsleif Twilight 835 21 16 Dainsleif Dark Nights
IndentBIndentIIndentLDainsleif Darkness 861 21 16 Dainsleif Twilight

Dainsleif Dark Nights

IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentLJoyeuse 913 21 20 Dainsleif Darkness
IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentBIndentLJoyeuse Sentinel 989 21 20 Joyeuse
IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLJoyeuse Beast Killer Joyeuse Sentinel
IndentBIndentLBloodsword 753 21 24 Dainsleif Nights

Bloodsword Edit

Name Attack Agility Luck Crafted Enhanced From
Bloodsword 753 21 24 Dainsleif Nights
IndentFBloodsword Zweihand 877 21 28 Bloodsword
IndentIIndentLBloodsword Absorb Bloodsword Zweihand
IndentFBloodsword Zweiedge 831 21 20 Bloodsword
IndentBIndentFBloodsword Killer Edge Bloodsword Zweiedge
IndentBIndentIIndentLBloodsword Absorb Bloodsword Killer Edge
IndentBIndentLHrunting Bloodsword Zweiedge
IndentBIndentBIndentLHrunting Evil Hrunting
IndentBIndentBIndentFHrunting Abyss Hrunting Evil
IndentBIndentBIndentIIndentFHrunting Inferno Hrunting Abyss
IndentBIndentBIndentIIndentLHrunting Chaos Hrunting Abyss
IndentBIndentBIndentLMimung 916 17 20 Hrunting Evil
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLMimung Flamestrike Mimung
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLMimung Exotic Slayer Mimung Flamestrike
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLDragoon Buster Inferno Mimung Exotic Slayer

Dragoon Slayer Edit

Name Attack Agility Luck Crafted Enhanced From
Dragoon Slayer 576 21 20 Yes Great Sword Butcher
IndentLDragoon Buster Strike 668 21 24 Dragoon Slayer
IndentBIndentLDragoon Slayer Limited 739 21 20 Dragoon Slayer Strike
IndentBIndentIIndentFDragoon Slayer Exotic 873 21 20 Dragoon Slayer Limited
IndentBIndentIIndentFDragoon Slayer Hellfire 803 21 20 Dragoon Slayer Limited
IndentBIndentIIndentLSword of Orios 749 21 20 Dragoon Slayer Limited
IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentLDeathsword of Orios 865 21 24 Sword of Orios
IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentBIndentLDarksword of Orios 938 21 24 Deathsword of Orios
IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentFWatersword of Orios Darksword of Orios
IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentIIndentLBeastsword of Orios 996 21 20 Watersword of Orios
IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentIIndentBIndentLPurgatory of Orios Beastsword of Orios
IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLMimung 916 17 20 Darksword of Orios
IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLMimung Flame Strike Mimung
IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLMimung Exotic Slayer Mimung Flame Striker
IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLDragoon Buster Inferno Mimung Exotic Slayer

Slayer Sword Edit

Name Attack Agility Luck Crafted Enhanced From
Slayer Sword 476 21 28 Yes Great Sword Butcher
IndentLAttack Slayer Sword 666 21 28 Slayer Sword
IndentBIndentLPower Slayer Sword 806 21 28 Attack Slayer Sword
IndentBIndentIIndentLStrike Slayer Sword 810 21 20 Power Slayer Sword
-coming soon-

Ragnarok Edit

Name Attack Agility Luck Crafted Enhanced From
Ragnarok 536 21 20 Yes
IndentLRagnarok Dusk 689 17 20 Ragnarok
IndentBIndentFRagnarok Finale 824 17 20 Ragnarok Dusk
IndentBIndentIIndentLRagnarok Reborn 932 17 20 Ragnarok Finale
IndentBIndentLLaevateinn 742 21 20 Ragnarok Dusk
IndentBIndentBIndentLLaevateinn Chaos Flame 902 21 20 Laevateinn
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLLaevateinn Hellfire 1004 26 20 Laevateinn Chaos Flame

Ridill Edit

Name Attack Agility Luck Crafted Enhanced From
Ridill 609 21 20 Yes
IndentLRidill Beast 693 21 24 Ridill
IndentBIndentLRidill Hunt 905 21 20 Ridill Beast
IndentBIndentBIndentFRidill Genocide Ridill Hunt
IndentBIndentBIndentLSword of Tartaros 889 21 24 Ridill Hunt
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLGreatsword of Tartaros 966 21 24 Sword of Tartaros

Ach Albars Edit

Name Attack Agility Luck Crafted Enhanced From
Ach Albars 711 17 20 Yes
IndentLAch Albars Evil 791 17 24 Ach Albars
IndentBIndentFAch Albars Death Drive 869 17 20 Ach Albars Evil
IndentBIndentIIndentLAch Albars Chaos Flame 950 17 20 Ach Albars Death Drive
IndentBIndentIIndentBIndentLAch Albars Hellfire 1015 21 28 Ach Albars Chaos Flame
IndentBIndentLMal Meadworth 820 21 20 Ach Albars Evil
IndentBIndentBIndentFMal Meadworth Powered 948 21 20 Mal Meadworth
IndentBIndentBIndentIIndentLMal Meads Assault 1019 21 20 Mal Meadworth Powered
IndentBIndentBIndentIIndentBIndentLMal Meadworth Hercules 1091 21 20 Mal Meads Assault
IndentBIndentBIndentLMal Meadworth Flame 910 21 20 Mal Meadworth

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