Thunder god of Retribution, Takemikazuchi

Introduction Edit

Takemikazuchi is a God-Type monster that utilizes electrical attacks. He uses its drumsticks and the large ring of drums on his back to channel and use this electricity. Takemikazuchi is the second boss monster that you will encounter in the Arcana Release Quests. His Arcana Release Quest is called "Takemikazuchi!"


Casts Mini - Takemikazuchi shrinks you to a fraction of your size. Your movement speed is drastically lower, and you are also unable to use items, magic, or Lock-On. Attack the blue, glowing light to restore yourself to your true size and be restored with all of your abilities and ATK again. He will be stunned when you destroy the glowing orb.

Thunder Rush - Takemikazuchi will be cloaked in thunder then will dash towards you. In his Rage Mode this move has a homing ability.

Lightning Blade Dance - Takemikazuchi will form blades of lightning with his drumsticks and will slash 1-2 times. Be careful as this move covers a wide area around him. If you broke his drums, this move will have a much shorter range.

Lightning Reap - Takemikazuchi will join his drum sticks creating a giant lightning claymore giving multiple hits around him and ending it with a great cleave. Bolts will strike down with the ending blow, but deal little damage.

Lightning Strike - Takemikazuchi will float on a thunder cloud and send lightning down upon the player where the drum symbol appears. This follows you wherever you wherever you go, so it would be best to jog during the duration of this attack. There is no need to run as this only lasts for 5 to 6 blasts of lightning.

Eye of the Storm - Takemikazuchi will send his drums spiraling around him, in a ranged attack. By destroying the drums on his back, he will be unable to use this move.

All of his attacks have Thunder element, so it's best to bring armor that gives good thunder defense. He also can cause Paralysis with any of his attacks. All his attacks can be blocked (except Miniman).

Melee Duel SequenceEdit

X | O | /\ O | [] /\

Melee DuelEdit

Takemikazuchi tries to stomp on you but you dodge, uppercut slash and kick him away. Then you charge and repeatedly slash his chest to send him rolling. You jump high to slash while he guards with his drumsticks, but you break through his guard then slash twice on his belly. You finally charge to slash his chest, then you stab his belly and slash upwards to rip his guts apart.

Compendium Edit

"An ancient storm god, all living creatures are dwarfed by the sheer force of its thunderous wrath." ~ Monster Encyclopedia, Takemikazuchi
"The sky blackens at the sound of this storm god's drums: divine power descends in lightning that rends the sky and earth." ~ Monster Encyclopedia, Indra

Breakables and WeakpointsEdit


  • Thunder drums on back

Effect of Breaking

  • Weaker and shorter range of Lightning Blade Dance attack.
  • Reduced Charge Speed.
  • Prevents Eye of the Storm attack.


  • Stomach

Item DropsEdit

  • Thunder Drum (Break Drums to Obtain)
  • Thunder Garb
  • Thunder Belly
  • Thunder Drumstick
  • Thunder Armband
  • Thunder Hide
  • Thunder Talon
  • Thunder Fang
  • God Armband

Alternate FormsEdit

  • Indra

Melee Duel SequenceEdit

X [] | O /\ | /\ [] | O /\

Item DropsEdit

  • Thunder Fang
  • Thunder Talon
  • Thunder Hide
  • Thunder Armband
  • Thunder Drumstick
  • Thunder Belly
  • Thunder Garb
  • Rage Thunder Halo ( Indra )
  • Rage Thunder Meat ( Indra )
  • Thunder Drum ( Breakable )


  • Takemi Core
  • Takemi Core+ ( Indra )

Titles GainedEdit

  • Heart of Thunder - Defeat 5 Takemikazuchi-Type Monsters.
  • Thunder Bolt - Defeat 15 Takemikazuchi-Type Monsters.


  • Takemikazuchi's artwork was done by Tetsuya Nomura.
  • It's possible to dodge Takemikazuchi's miniaturization attack by either dodging at the right time, or by using the 2 Handed Sword skill, Shadowless Prayer.
  • Take-Mikazuchi is a god of thunder in Japanese mythology. He is also said to be the founder of sumo wrestling, using such techniques to defeat Take-Minakata, another god.
  • Takemikazuchi's, as well as Indra's theme is "Vs. Guardian II".
  • At the beginning of the battle he always casts mini, so what you should do is as soon as possible run behind him since that is always where the glow stone always appears, after that it will appear at random places.