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Knight of the Abyss




Legendary Knight (Chapter 9 and Arcana Quest)
Frowning Knights (Chapter 10)
Silver Protector (Chapter ∞)


Siegfried Mk. Zero


Shield (Disables Auto-Guard)

Weak Points

Shield (after it's broken)

Melee Sequence

Phase 1: X, O
Phase 2: [], /\
Phase 3: X, O, /\
Final Phase: X, X, /\

Siegfried is the last main story boss you will encounter in the game. Defeating Siegfried will open the Rivenhelt Ruins. Always attack him in the back; because when you attack him in front, he will reflect and this will cause you to stagger leaving you open to his counter attack.

His alternate form is Siegfried Mk. Zero (sometimes written as Mk. 0); the most notable difference between them is that Siegfried is silver, while Siegfried Mk. Zero is gold.

Siegfried Mk. Zero : "None can hope to destroy that shield. None can hope to resist that sword's blows. None is more powerful than this being, swathed in the purest gold." - Monster Encyclopedia 


Attack 1: Downward Vertical Slash - Siegfried will slam his blade downwards, rending the battlefield shortly.

Attack 2: Horizontal Slash - Siegfried will sway his blade to the right(or left depending on camera angle).

Attack 3: Uppercut - Siegfried will slash his blade upward, causng a short rending split. (Note: Often in rage mode)

Attack 4: Shield bash - Siegfried will bash you with his shield (Note: When you are hit, you will be confused. He often repeats this in rage mode.

Attack 5: Turning slash - Siegfried will turn around quickly, before slashing twice.

Attack 6: Powerful slash - Siegfried will ready himself (An act that is like when he is activating his rage mode) then attack with a powerful strike. Can be easily avoided.

Attack 7: Earth Splitter - Siegfried puts all of his power to strike the ground and create a fissure that goes straight for the player.

Breakables and Weak PointsEdit

-Shield - (EFFECT) Disables his auto guard.

-Shoulder - Very hard to break unless you are using a Firelance . It can also be done by doing a knockdown attack whilst he is stunned. Using a heat card may also work. When you break his shoulder, or "epaulet", it'll shorten his Earth Splitter shockwave.

-Broken shield - Once broken, it becomes a liable weakpoint.

Item DropsEdit

Hero's Helm Shard

Hero's Armor Shard

Hero's Shield Shard (Shield)

Hero's Epaulet (Right Shoulder)

Hero's Blood

Hero's Cape

Balmung Tip

Daemon Spike

Hero's Bone


  • Siegfried is the German name of Sigurd, a hero in Norse mythology who became near invincible after eating the heart of the dragon Fafnir, which he defeated.
  • Siegfried's battle theme is "Vs. Guardian II".
  • A good ultimate card to bring is takemazuchi because he distracts siegfried