Over countless eons, this giant tree spirit has grown and now it presides as guardian of the woods. Its fierce fists are the rage of the forest given solid form.

Alternate FormsEdit

Hickory Haunt

This giant tree spirit has been imbued with that force of vast glaciers.It strikes like stalagmites and greets intruders with a most frosty welcome.

Item DropsEdit

  • Sylvan Branch
  • Sylvan Trunk
  • Sylvan Leaf
  • Sylvan Seed
  • Sylvan Sap
  • Sylvan Root
  • Sylvan Bud ( Hickory Haunt )
  • Sylvan Parasit
  • Sylvan Flower ( Hickory Haunt )


  • Sapling Spook Core
  • Sapling Spook Core+

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