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The main hub town of Lord of Arcana. A small seaside town enclosed by forest, neighbouring the Arayd Temple and the home of the Slayers' Guild it is a quaint yet active town.

Being the main hub of the game the Player will perform most of their transaction here. Services offered include:

Dotted about the town are also various yellow and green resource points. These will always contain items that can be contirubted towards necessities such as Potions and Sacrifical Charms. The items in question are typically:

  • Clean Water
  • Starch Potato
  • Cypress Pole
  • Bog Moss


At the start of the story, the people of the town have a generally neutral view towards you. It apepars few are aware of your intent to obtai nthe power of the Arcana and as such the Player is generally viewed as weak by Slayers and inexperienced by the townspeople. This remains generally the same with conversations about Slayers following in your wake and their exploits/troubles being available for the player to eavesdrop on.

After each Master Guardian defeated the conversations advance with even the vendors for shops changing after certain Arcana are obtained. These new venders can be even be found being tutored or commented upon by the old vendors.

When the Lord of Blood, Vermilion is awakened the Veddel rise up and assume their 'true nature'. The Veddel then follow the Player as Lord Ruler and prevent anyone from entering Arayd Temple or leaving Porto Carillo. The townpeople and Slayers alike express their feelings on this with Vendors somewhat more unphased with the Blacksmith even commenting, "Oh well, I guess I'm still your personal blacksmith!"

(Further Expansion needed)

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