An Abyss Knight that is an SnS user, Siegfried

One-Handed Swords are agile, low-damage weapons, good for getting in and hitting enemies and then getting out again. You can equip both magic and a shield for with a one-handed sword.

Inherent AbilitiesEdit

Block - press / hold x to partially block attacks

Knock-downs - Lock on to downed / unconscious enemy, hold square

Learned AbilitiesEdit

Normal attack - max level 6, press square repeatedly to combo.

Uppercut - max level 4 - Hold Square to execute. There is a little chance of throwing the enemy into the air. Attacks while midair increase as its level increases.

Dash Attack - press square while dashing to perform a light attack

Get Up Swinging - press square while down to perform an attack and stand up in one motion (you are invincible during this attack)

Level Up RewardsEdit

Level Reward
1 Turning Slash
6 Will o' the Wisp
10 Sword Dancer Lv. 2
11 -
12 Sword Dancer Lv. 3
13 Uppercut Lvl.4
20 Force Saber

Crafted WeaponsEdit

  • Moralta (6642)
  1. Lich Core x1
  1. Mythril x1
  1. Reaper Bone x1
  1. Undead Poison x7
ATK-390, AGL-21, LCK-20
  • Precious (5682)
  1. Minotaur Core x1
  1. Adamantite x1
  1. Bovine Bone x2
  1. Scarlet Mushroom x7
ATK-382, AGL-21, LCK-20
  • Hunter Rapier (4961)
  1. Troll Core x1
  1. Mythril x1
  1. Bovine Bpme x2
  1. Stinky Talon x5
ATK-376, AGL-21, LCK-20
  • Sword of Vermillion (4482)
  1. Vermilion Core x1
  1. Steel x1
  1. Conqueror Hair x1
  1. Conqueror Bone x2
ATK-371, AGL-21, LCK-20
  • Astral (5049)
  1. Drake Shade Core x1
  1. Tempered Iron x1
  1. Scaly Bone x1
  1. Iron Pin x3
ATK-355, AGL-21, LCK-20
  • Grudgebringer (3496)
  1. Grendel Core x1
  1. Jade Steel x1
  1. Serpent Bone x1
  1. Quartz Dust x6
ATK-337, AGL-17, LCK-20

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