First encounter in Mission 44: Blue Bog Beauty (Chapter 8). The Sinister Nixie is first encountered in the Gurow Bog. Possesses strong magical abilities, so you'd want to be constantly on the move. Its variant, Nixie, is later encountered in Chapter 9, with stronger abilities, sometimes accompanied by other creatures, so be sure to keep track of your surroundings.

Item DropEdit

  • Pond Sprite Gristle
  • Pond Sprite Skull
  • Pond Sprite Talon
  • Pond Sprite Hair
  • Pond Sprite Band
  • Pond Sprite Eye
  • Pond Sprite Sucker
  • Pond Queen Garb (Sinister Nixie)
  • Pond Queen Chain (Sinister Nixie)

Core Drop Edit

  • Nixie Core

In-Game Description Edit

Sinister Nixie
Icon-Seabeast This highly combative mollusk mermaid dwells even deeper in the ocean than her sisters and possesses tentacles charged with rare and powerful sorcery.
Icon-Seabeast Half-woman, half-mollusk, the ferocity of the magic strikes unleashed by its tentacles is unparalleled.