Introduction Edit

Medusa is a monster you can encounter at chapter 8. Half of her attacks inflicts status ailments such as slow down and pulse limit break. So you should always shield at her then attack her while you can.


  • Darkness: Medusa attacks using dark magic which very like the Player's Dark-type magic and is very similar to the Dark Fragment's in color. Slows down like the Dark-type magic. The circle remains for some time, damaging and slowing anyone who steps on it.

This attack can be dodged or blocked, but as any elemental attack, it usually damages by little when blocked.

  • Pulse Raiser: Medusa can either go straight to the attack or falsely charge a Dark magic spell, then dash toward her target and strike them with their wings, raising the pulse meter over the top, rendering the target tired.

This attack can be blocked or dodged and is even suggested to do so by the compedium. This attack can also be countered, though it is yet not confirmed if it stuns the Medusa herself.

  • Dark Serpents: Medusa flies up and then uses her wings to release two Dark Serpents that zig-zag on the target from both sides.

Though the Serpents are homing, they can be dodged or blocked and can even be destroyed by an attack from the player. Standing near Medusa can also do the trick, as the Serpents are sent at 45 degrees to both sides, and can usually do a whole circle around Medusa without hitting whoever stands near.

  • Energy Charge: Medusa charges up white energy into herself then release's a mighty white shockwave that sends all Players around her either to oblivion, or just flying backwards a little.

This attack can be blocked though it is hard to avoid it if you stand at a Zero distance. It can also be countered and is suggested to do so if you're sure in your timing.

Item DropsEdit

  • Hag Bone
  • Hag Talon
  • Hag Scale
  • Hag Blood
  • Hag's Ring
  • Hag's Earring
  • Hag Wing


  • Medusa Core

Tips & Strategies Edit

  • Grendel and Bahamut summons are very effective when facing Medusa as they can damage heavily, aiding in the killing of Medusa.
  • It is not recommended to fight Medusa with a Firelance with Sniper Stance equipped since her attacks are quick and pulse-breaking.