Lord of Arcana (ロード・オブ・アルカナRōdo obu Arukana) is an action game developed by Access Games and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation Portable, based on lore from Lord of Vermillion.

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Lord of Arcana is an action role-playing/hunting game where up to four players can accept and complete quests in several locations, these quests can vary between Gathering Items or Hunting Monsters, the mechanics of the game are often compared to those seen in Monster Hunter, God Eater and Toukiden series of Hunting games.

Gameplay, much like in aforementioned games, takes place in real time, players must roll to dodge, use items and attack while the enemy moves in the battlefield, unlike those games, battles all take place inside circular arenas, which appear after making physical contact with an enemy (or entering a boss gate), after the battle is finished, the characters return to the field and the enemy avatar disappears.

Aspects that set it apart from other games are the Leveling System, which unlocks skills, magics and attacks as your proficiency rises, more complex questing system, which often requires lesser guardians to be killed, which are marked with a key icon on the map and above their field avatars and the aforementioned arena combat system.


The game takes place in a world called Horodyn, named after its first King, somewhere in Horodyn lies the Arcana, an ancient stone said to harness powerful magical power, the world is inhabited not only by humans but also by fierce monsters, humans who hunt these monsters are known as Slayers, all united in the Slayer's Guild.


Many artists from around the globe designed the creatures seen in this game, Hitoshi Sakimoto served as the game's sound producer, while the music was made by Nobuo Uematsu, Kenichiro Fukui and Satoshi Henmi.


In 2011, a sequel was released named Lord of Apocalypse for PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita, it was released only in Japan.

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