As you progress through the story you will unlock more locations. These locations are unlocked by completing Arcana Release quests of the respective bosses.

This page is a work-in-progress.

Neumellow WoodsEdit

Crystal Pillar in area 8 (not available right off the bat, but becomes available as you progress through the game)

Ahbor DesertEdit

Ahbor Desert does not have a Crystal Pillar. Unlocked by defeating Agni's Arcana Release (Agni Invades)

Kamma Wind CaveEdit

Crystal Pillar at area # 5 (*fun fact: this is the earliest pillar you can encounter); unlocked by defeating Takemikazuchi's Arcana Release (Takemikazuchi!)

Brankad Lava CaveEdit

Crystal Pillar Location Area 4; unlocked by defeating Bahamut's Arcana Release (Bahamut Attacks)

Gurow BogEdit

Crystal Pillar in Area 7 (in the swamp water by the walls); unlocked by defeating Azdaja's Arcana Release (Twin-Head Snake)

Urtbarn HillEdit

Crystal Pillar in area 8 (right next to a wall near a warp point); unlocked by defeating Grendel's Arcana Release (Sword Master)

Scarlet TowerEdit

The Scarlet Tower has no Crystal Pillar; unlocked by defeating Vermillion, the Blood Lord's Arcana Release (Red Conqueror)

Yormbea Labyrinth Edit

Unlocked by defeating Hecatoncheir's Arcana Release (A-Maze-Ing Shot)

Temple Caverns Edit

Unlocked by defeating Wild Nidhogg's Arcana Release (Dragon of Arcana)

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