Introduction Edit

Locations throughout the game are unlocked as you play the story; ss you progress through chapters, you will unlock more locations. They are mostly unlocked by completing Arcana Release quests of the respective bosses, while the last 3 are DLC-exclusive areas.

Neumellow WoodsEdit

You start your game with this area unlocked automatically. Crystal Pillar in area 8 (not available right off the bat, but becomes available as you progress through the game)

Ahbor DesertEdit

Ahbor Desert does not have a Crystal Pillar. Unlocked by completing Agni's Arcana Release (Agni Invades)

Kamma Wind CaveEdit

Crystal Pillar at area # 5 (*fun fact: this is the earliest pillar you can encounter); unlocked by completing Takemikazuchi's Arcana Release (Takemikazuchi!)

Brankad Lava CaveEdit

Crystal Pillar Location Area 4; unlocked by completing Bahamut's Arcana Release (Bahamut Attacks)

Gurow BogEdit

Crystal Pillar in Area 7 (in the swamp water by the walls); unlocked by completing Azdaja's Arcana Release (Twin-Head Snake)

Urtbarn HillEdit

Crystal Pillar in area 8 (right next to a wall near a warp point); unlocked by completing Grendel's Arcana Release (Sword Master)

Scarlet TowerEdit

The Scarlet Tower has no Crystal Pillar; unlocked by completing Vermillion's Arcana Release (Red Conqueror)

Yormbea Labyrinth Edit

Unlocked by completing Hecatoncheir's Arcana Release (A-Maze-Ing Shot)

Temple Caverns Edit

Unlocked by completing Wild Nidhogg's Arcana Release (Dragon of Arcana); when you start a new game, you play the tutorial in this location.

Rivenhelt Ruins Edit

Unlocked by completing Siegfried's Arcana Release (Legendary Knight)

Fearias Forest Edit

Unlocked by downloading DLC Pack 1, 2, or 4

Nierborg Salt Lake Edit

Unlocked by downloading DLC Pack 2, 3, or 5

Old Glestal Mines Edit

Unlocked by downloading DLC Pack 3, 4, or 5