The Reaper

"Swathed in rotting robes, this undead soul roams in eternal gloom. Forged from the purest darkness, its implacable blade thrist for living flesh and blood." - Monster Encyclopedia

Introduction Edit

Strong undead monster, this creature is capable of defeating even the more experienced Lords with its near unpredictability and strong scythe attacks.

Location Edit

  • Scarlet Tower

Item DropEdit

  • Reaper Bone
  • Reaper Skull
  • Reaper Talon
  • Reaper Armband
  • Reaper Scythe Bit
  • Hades Cloth
  • Lord Hades' Rib ( Mad Lich Only )
  • Reaper Spine
  • Hades Treasure ( Mad Lich Only )


  • Lich Core
  • Lich Core+ ( Mad Lich Only )