Introduction Edit

The Kirin is a mythical horse adorned with colorful fur and peacock-like plume. It has the ability to conduct lightning and cause the Mini Man status. It is only found in one region.


  • Lightning Stomp: Raises its front legs while conjuring a magic circle, then stomps the nearby player in front of it, causing the Mini status.
  • Lightning Envelope: Kirin would cloak themselves in lightning.
  • Lightning Charge: Kirin charges towards targeted player while cloaked in lightning.
  • Lightning Zigzag Charge: Same as previous attack, but done in a zigzag pattern.

Item DropEdit

  • Fantastical Bone
  • Fantastical Skull
  • Fantastical Hoof
  • Fantastical Feather
  • Fantastical Tongue
  • Fantastical Beard


  • Kirin Core

In-Game Description Edit

Icon-God A mythical sacred beast. Its attacks are vested with a divine will and conjure miracles beyond the bounds of human understanding.

Tips & StrategiesEdit

  • Keep an eye out for its charges, especially when you are at range since Kirin usually charges as a result.
  • Breaking the hovering crystal when you get the Mini Man status stuns the Kirin, allowing you to get free hits before it gets back up.


  • Kirin's artwork was done by Ittoku.
  • Kirin is a mythical hooved creature known throughout various East Asian cultures to bring prosperity.
  • You can reflect his charge attack.