Introduction Edit

The Goblin Fighter is a Beast-class monster encountered at the beginning of the game.


Goblins are small humanoids of slender appearance, they carry short weapons which they use to slam and smash foes, they are particularly weak as early game monsters and tend to run away from high level slayers.


  • Impish Bone
  • Impish Skull
  • Impish Horn
  • Impish Silverwork (Blaze Goblin)
  • Impish Goldwork (Goblin Thug)
  • Impish Marrow (Goblin Thug)
  • Beast Lard

Cores Edit

  • Goblin Core

In-Game Description Edit

Goblin Fighter
Icon-Beast These cunning little beasts flee like rabbits from the strong but gather in hordes to gang up on the weak.
Blaze Goblin
Icon-Beast A beast that wields a cudgel imbued with magic power. Incapable of controlling its own magic, it sprays fire indiscriminately around it
Goblin Thug
Icon-Beast An exceedingly rare and combative breed of goblin. No intellectual giant, it lacks leadership skills but compensates with powerful strikes.

Name EtymologyEdit

Goblins are legendary creatures from the European Middle Ages, depicted as grotesque, mischievous and evil, related to Brownies and Gnomes, they possess some degree of magic and are usually very greedy.


  • Sometimes they do a dance, usually before attacking, or to taunt the player, sometimes they also do this dance outside of battle for no apparent reason.
  • Goblins appear as low level enemies in several fantasy settings and games, such as Final Fantasy series.
  • Goblin Fighter's artwork was done by Kususaga Rin.