Introduction Edit

Combining a pike with projectiles, these are the only long-range weapons in the game. They are best suited for providing covering fire from a distance.

Firelances synergize well with magic, increasing the M-ATK stat more than any other weapon type. Players may equip magic cards with a firelance equipped, but not a shield (in exchange with cartridge charges).  But take note that when you use its battle art, your pulse will raise high. 

Inherent AbilitiesEdit

Charge Shot - press x while standing still, max of 3 charges, can be used in conjunction with battle arts (except in Sniper Stance, where all it does is increase damage)

  • 1 charge - increased damage
  • 2 charges - spread shot
  • 3 charges - pierce shot (3 hits)

Knock-downs - Lock on to downed / unconscious enemy, hold O *ONLY IF NO MAGIC CARD EQUIPPED*

Learned AbilitiesEdit

Ranged Attack - gained at 1 - press square

Uppercut - max level 1, gained at 5 - hold square

Assist - max level ?, gained at 1, 4, ?, ? -

Battle ArtsEdit

Artillery - default Battle Art - Mid-range attack. Missiles describe an arc in the air before detonating, delivering damage over a wide area. The bullet arcs in a fixed trajectory; this may take some practice to use effectively. 

Sniper Stance - gained at lv 7 - The firelance is leveled at the enemy and the target pinpointed with precision - press square for a normal shot, triangle to fire a close-ranged blast targeted a short distance in front of you and simultaneously exit Sniper Stance, X to cancel out of Sniper Stance normally

Grand Crusher - gained at lv 10 - A bullet packed with condensed pressure is fired at the ground, felling foes that get in the way of its blast. Hold square and move the analog nub to aim, release square to fire. Simply press triangle to fire without aiming. 

Fadeaway - gained at lvl 17 - Hot on the heels of a blast of gunfire, a decisive blow is delivered from mid-air.

Level Up RewardsEdit

Level Reward
1 Ranged Attack, Artillery
7 Sniper Stance
10 Grand Crusher
19 -

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