High Drake Shade

Drake ShadeEdit

Arcane arts revived this dragon which met its end in the most excruciating pain. Its relentless appetite means it charges potential prey on sight.

Aprox. HP: 10,000


  • Charge: The Drake Shade charges to a target player. In Single Mode this attack is easily avoided as it is telegraphed (with its front-right leg pawing the ground three times) before the actual charge. This attack can KO a player by stomping you several times.
  • Tail Whip: The Drake shakes and then whips his tail to it's right side. The damage done by the tail can be hard and the damage he causes with his left-front leg can be dangerous too. Sometimes the Drake Shade will also deliver two Tail Whips, one to the right side then to the left side.
  • Fire/Poison Ball: The goblin on the Drake Shade will whip it and it will charge a fire ball from its mouth. This is only casted on a medium range and can be easily avoided. Alternate form (Toxic) spits out poison balls. 
  • Stomp: The Drake Shade will get down for a second or two, jump high and slam the ground with its body, dealing high damage to all players surrounding it. 


  • Defeating a Drake Shade requires patience at lower levels
  • By standing in its back-left leg will allow the player to damage the Drake Shade safely (Until the Drake Shade charges) in this position you can avoid both the tail and the leg. This is the best method for Melee players.
  • Firelances can deal massive damage on Drake Shades. Charge the Firelance three times, evade a charge, wait for it to jump and face you then / \ it with artillery, this will deal massive damage to the goblin and severing the HP of the Drake Shade.
  • 2H swords can use "Shadowless prayer" battle art when he uses "Stomp" attack to avoid damage and to deal 2x very high counter damage.
  • Melee classes can use Agni Card to stun it and while Drake Shade is stunned start hitting the yellow guy on his back ( it count as a weak point ) ( aprx: x2.5dmg because each of you attacks will be critical )


Some believe the High Drake Shade spits poison balls, but that is false. It spits out pink fire, such as Explosive card.

Alternate FormsEdit

  • High Drake Shade
  • Toxic Drake Shade


  • Scaly Bone
  • Scaly Skull
  • Scaly Fang
  • Scaly Talon
  • Scaly Hide
  • Scaly Meat
  • Scaly Tail
  • Scaly King Reins (High Drake Shade)


Drake Shade Core

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