The Daemon class groups demonic entities such as the Mandrake, Griffin or Bahamut.

List of Daemon Monsters (Arcana)Edit

Pic-Mandrake Small Pic-Mandrake Small Pic-Mandrake Small
Mandrake Mandrake Oddity Mandrake Mutant
Pic-Griffin Small Pic-Griffin Small
Griffin Griffin Nemesis
Pic-Minotaur Small Pic-Minotaur Small
Minotaur Gozu Tenno
Pic-Medusa Small
Pic-Sapling Hook Small Pic-Sapling Hook Small
Sapling Spook Hickory Haunt
Pic-Succubus Small Pic-Succubus Small
Succubus Slave Succubus
Pic-Finvarra Small Pic-Finvarra Small
Finvarra Dark Finvarra
Pic-Bahamut Small Pic-Bahamut Small Pic-Bahamut Small
Bahamut Bahamut Quietus Bahamut Chaos
Pic-Siegfried Pic-Siegfried
Siegfried Siegfried Mk. 0

List of Daemon Monsters (Apocalypse)Edit

Pic-Basilisk Small Pic-Basilisk Small
Basilisk Basilisk Solid
Pic-Gremlin Small Pic-Gremlin Small
Gremlin Greedy Gremlin


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