Cards are broken down into two types: magic and ultimate. Magic cards are used to cast spells with O (press O for normal versions of the spell, hold O until your character flashes for the Charge Attack version of the spell) and consume varied amounts of mana. Ultimate cards are basically summon spells that you cast by holding triangle and O briefly and then releasing and have varied effects. Ultimate cards also determine the maximum amount of mana and have values ranging from 1 to 5 "crystals" worth of mana.

There is a certain element system present in the game, which makes Fire be the opposite of Thunder and Light the opposite the Dark. Fire creatures are more susceptible to electro-paralyze while Thunder creatures are more susceptible to Fire damage, Light creatures are slowed for longer durations and Dark creatures are easily knocked out by light magic.

Magic CardsEdit

Light Magic Cards - "Contains the power of light." (Description for all cards)

Normal cast: This card adds a charge to your character (up to a max of 3 charges) that are removed upon hitting an enemy in combat (Adds a chance of causing a monster to faint when hit).

Charged cast: Creates up to 10 charges around the player.

  • Shine - M-ATK 209, M-DEF 29

Buy Price: Price 477, Xuan Wu Core x1, Gold Ore x1

Upgrades to: Light Card [Price 641, Tortoise Bone x2, Gold Ore x1]

  • Light - M-ATK 286, M-DEF 40

Upgrades to: Flash Card [Price 1458, Conqueror Talon x1, Insect String x2, Gold x1]

  • Flash - M-ATK 351, M-DEF 50

Upgrades to: Star Card [Price ?]

  • Star - M-ATK 386, M-DEF 55

Darkness Magic Cards - "Contains the power of darkness." (Description for all cards)

Normal cast: Creates a small area on the ground that moves from the caster outwards to a position a small distance in front of the casted point that has a chance to slow enemies for a brief period. The area will remain at the end of its path for a brief amount of time. Multiple circles can be cast at higher levels if a 1-handed sword is used.

Charged cast: Creates a larger area of effect than a normal cast, and obviously a stronger slow-down effect.

  • Dark - M-ATK 191, M-DEF 26

Buy Price: 315, Skeleton Core x1, Basalt x1

Upgrades to: Black Card [Price 1132, Zombie Flesh x3, Adamantite x1]

  • Black - M-ATK 315, M-DEF 45

Upgrades to: Abyss Card [Price ?, ,]

  • Abyss - M-ATK ?, M-DEF ?

Buy Price: 2689, Nidhogg Core+ x1, Adamantite x1, Onyx x1, Hag Blood x4

Upgrades to: Crevasse Card [Price ?, ,]

  • Crevasse - M-ATK 416, M-DEF 59

Thunder Magic Cards - "Contains the power of thunder." (Description for all cards)

Normal cast: Fires a single bolt of lightning at a close range in front of the caster doing lightning damage and potentially paralyzing enemies. Mutiple bolts can be cast at higher levels if Sword (1H) is used. (Looks a lot like a Coeurl's offensive thunder spell)

Charged cast: Fires six bolts around the caster, damaging all nearby enemies. (Like a a Coeurl's defensive thunder spell)

  • Rumble - M-ATK 191, M-DEF 26

Buy Price: 299, Takemi Core x1, Copper Core x1

Upgrades to: Thunder Card [Price 490, Feline Whisker x2, Copper Ore x1]

  • Thunder -M-ATK ?, M-DEF ?

Upgrades to: Lightning Card [Price ?, ?, ?]

Lightning -M-ATK 369, M-DEF 53

Buy Price: 299, Takemi Core+ x1, Divine Nickel x1, Emerald x1, Feline Whisker x7

Upgrades to: Storm Card [Price ?, ?, ?]

Storm -M-ATK 416, M-DEF 59

Fire Magic Cards - "Contains the power of fire (Description for all cards)

Normal cast: Fires a single ball of flame towards the target with a small amount of auto-tracking. Multiple balls can be fired at higher levels if Sword (1H) is used.

Charged cast: Lobs a ball of flame in a parabolic trajectory that causes a medium-sized pillar of fire that explodes, burns enemies and might send them flying.

  • Heat - M-ATK 156, M-DEF 21

Buy Price: 275, Agni Core x1, Copper Ore x1

Upgrades to: Fire Card [Price 796, Avian Tail x2, Silver Ore x2]

  • Fire - M-ATK 298, M-DEF 42

Upgrades to: Flame Card [Price 1458, Devil Tongue x1, Ruby Dust x1]

  • Flame - M-ATK 369, M-DEF 53

Buy Price: 2430, Agni Core+ x1, Mythril x1, Ruby x1, Divine Devil Eye x1

Upgrades to: Explosion Card [Price 1792, Magic Devil Meat, Devil Tail, Devil Talon, Black Mythril]

  • Explosion - M-ATK 440, M-DEF 63

Ultimate CardsEdit

Agni - [3/5 crystals] Knocks all monsters out cold in battle

Scarlet Shock.

Price 11000, Agni Core x1, Fire Rune x2

Takemikazuchi - [2/5 crystals] Draws all enemies' attention and invites their attacks in battle

Lantern Dance.

Price 5500, Takemi Core x1, Power Rune x1

Azdaja - [3/5 crystals] Restores a small amount of HP to all players and lets them absorb some HP from damage inflicted on foes.

Bloody Messern Spammer

Price 13700, Azdaja Core x1, Serpent Rune x2

Bahamut - [5/5 crystals] Inflicts serious damage on all monsters in battle.

Mega Flare

Price 19500, Bahamut Core x1, Dragon Rune x3, Ruby Dust x2

Grendel - [3/5 crystals] Inflicts a series of damaging blows on all monsters in battle.

Holy Beam

Price 15600, Grendel Core x1, Warrior Rune x1

Vermilion - [4/5 crystals] In battle, this greatly boosts all players' attack power and phsyical attributes.


Price 24500, Vermilion Core x2, Conqueror Rune x3

Hecatoncheir - [4/5 crystals] Heals all players status ailments and greatly boosts defense.

Hundred Guards

Price 14000, Hecatoncheir x1, Fire Rune x 1, Power Rune x 1.

Nidhogg - [3/5 crystals] Slows down all monsters in battle.

Final Howl

Price 18900, Nidhogg core+ x1, Serpent Rune x1, Dragon Rune x1.

Siegfried - [2/5 crystals] Makes it easier for all players attacks to knock enemies down in battle.

Ring of Nibelung

Price 25600, Siegfried core x2, Warrior Rune x1, Conqueror Rune x1.

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