The Blaze Goblin is a weak Beast class monster variant of the Goblin Fighter encountered early in the game.



This variant of the Goblin can launch a small weak fireball at the player, it has a red tone instead of the pale brown Goblin Fighter, they also flee from powerful players.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Lord of Arcana
Icon-Beast A beast that wields a cudgel imbued with magic power. Incapable of controlling its own magic, it sprays fire indiscriminately around it.


Standard Impish Bone Impish Skull Impish Horn Impish Broken Club Impish Silverwork Beast Lard
Core Goblin Core

Name EtymologyEdit

Some definitions for Blaze include a bright flame or a sudden burst of heat or fire.


  • Much like other Goblins, it can also do their Dance.
  • This monster has very low health amounts, lower than the Goblin Fighter's.

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