Awoken within a labyrinth, it raised its sword to heaven and unleashed rage against all under sky. It uses brutality to affirm its existence.
— Monster Encyclopedia

Belch Hecatoncheir





Blood-Soaked Tank

  • Sword
  • Shield
Weak Points


Stun Points

Hind Legs

Belch Hecatoncheir is an alternate version of Hecatoncheir. The most notable change is the color of his body, which is red, while the regular Hecatoncheir is yellow. Its statistics are higher than its regular counterpart. When encountered, it will immediately go into Rage Mode, spitting pink flames from its shoulder, which deals more damage than regular ones. Its breakable parts and weakness remain the same.


  • Rage - At the beginning of the fight, he goes into this mode (same as Hecatoncheir rage mode) but exhausts himself upon expiration.
  • Galloping Slash - He will assume a stance and then charge with tremendous power and velocity with two to three times in a row, can easily be avoided when going to his back while doing his first stance.
  • Rear Kick - He will use this when you try to attack his back.
  • March of Madness - He will stomp forward a random number of times (2-4) and during rage mode he will follows it with a megaton slam. These stomps can kill you if they all land successfully; trying to block this will make your pulse rise to where you won't be able to guard or run.
  • Megaton Slam - A jumping sword attack with medium range, capable of inflicting high-massive damage; this move can be avoided using dodge, block, or just getting out of range.


  • Sword - Slightly decrease his sword range.
  • Shield - Removes his front guard skill.

Melee Duel SequenceEdit

X, [] | /\, X, [] | /\, O | X, /\

Item DropsEdit

  • Giant Skull
  • Giant Talon
  • Giant Hoof
  • Giant Horn
  • Giant Liver (Belch Hecatoncheir)
  • Giant Red Gem (Belch Hecatoncheir)
  • Giant Shield Bit (break his shield)
  • Giant Sword Bit (break his sword)