Introduction Edit

Bahamut Attacks is the third Arcana Quest the player unlocks after completing quests in Chapter 3. This quest introduces the Master Guardian Bahamut, ruler of the Brankad Lava Cave. Completing this quest unlocks Chapter 4 and unlocks this quest on the Quest Counter in Chapter 3.

Quest Detail Edit

Arcana QuestEdit

Client Commission Details
Veddel -this will be updated after replaying the quest on a new file-

Quest CounterEdit

Client Commission Details
Slayers Guild Bahamut, the lord of Brankad Lava Cave, has been acting aggressively as of late. The nearby villagers fear for their safety. The Slayers Guild has vowed on its honor to resolve this problem, and is searching for a brave warrior that can defeat Bahamut. Beware the beast's power magic flames!

Walkthrough Edit

You start out with access to Zones 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7. As you progress, you'll fight various Guardians to unlock the Portal leading to Bahamut. After completing this quest, you will gain access to the Brankad Lava Cave.

Guardian Battles Edit

  • Zone 1: Goblin Fighter x2
  • Zone 2: Skeleton, Goblin Fighter
  • Zone 2: Skeleton, Goblin Fighter

Tips Edit

Zone 5: Be sure to activate the warp to allow you to warp between Zones 5 & 7. After completing this quest and activating the warp, it allows you quick movement between the zones to get to Bahamut, whose portal spawn goes between Zones 5 and 6.