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The Heaven's Fang, Dragon Lord Bahamut






Bahamut Attacks (Chapter 3 + Arcana Quest)
Winged Dragon (Chapter 4)


Bahamut Quietus
Bahamut Chaos


Left Wing
Right Wing

Weak Points


Melee Sequence

Phase 1: O
Phase 2: X /\
Phase 3: /\ []
Final Phase: /\ O

Bahamut is the third boss encountered in the main story. Fought at the end of Chapter 3, Bahamut is one of the deadliest enemies in the game due to his Megaflare, his signature attack. His card is the tutorial's default ultimate spell. His Arcana Release Quest is called "Bahamut Attacks."

Attacks Edit

Bahamut's attacks depend on his target's position. If a hero stands in front of him, he will most likely attack with Tail Whip or his Dictating Charge.

Tail Whip - Bahamut will first slam his tail into the ground behind him, then swing it to the left, curling around his body. Standing below his right wing will provide a chance to counter-attack him.

Mini Flare - Bahamut will jump and create a swirl of bluish energy that damages a wide area; this attack is ranged so try to stay a distance from Bahamut before striking him. Bahamut will use the Weakened Mini Flare attack instead if both of his wings are broken.

Weakened Mini Flare - This weaker and smaller version of Mini Flare is performed if both of Bahamut's wings are destroyed.

Ignis - Bahamut will cast this version of Fire when his target is far away. In normal mode he only throws one fireball, in Rage Mode he he'll throw two fireballs. Very often Bahamut will target the farthest player from him in Multiplayer Mode.

Dictating Charge - Bahamut will perform a back flip that knocks you into the air and deals damage if you're too close and, after landing, charge at the player with a slight homing curve. If you are playing a Multiplayer game, beware as Bahamut sometimes changes targets to home on.

Reflect - Bahamut will surround himself with a red sigil, reflecting any magic casted on him and dealing twice the expected damage to the caster.

Mega Flare - Bahamut first uses this attack after the Counter-Melee Duel. He jumps very high in the air and charges a large energy ball that is launched to the center of the field. This can be avoided by standing near the edge of the ring. Beware though, this will kill you in one hit if it connects.

Ultimate Spell (Megaflare) in use

Stomp - Not an actual attack but it still damages you. Only occurs when Bahamut comes down from Mega Flare if you're right under him. It does light-moderate damage.                                                     

Melee Duel SequenceEdit

Bahamut's Melee Duel Sequence

O  |  X /\  |  /\ []  |  /\ O

Bahamut Quietus Melee Duel Sequence

[] O | X [] | /\ O | /\ O

Breakables and WeakpointsEdit

Weak Point

  • Head


  • Left Wing
  • Right Wing
  • Tail                                                                                                                                                                                  


"Its wings span the skies and its claws and talons prey mercilessly on its foes. With its world-shattering flare attack, this rare beast is a king among monsters." ~ Monster Encyclopedia, Bahamut

Item DropsEdit

  • Daemon Spike
  • Devil Fang
  • Devil Horn
  • Devil Scale
  • Devil Talon
  • Devil Wing (Break Both Wings to Obtain 2)
  • Devil Tail (Break Tail to Obtain)
  • Devil Tongue

Titles gainedEdit

  • Heavenly Ruler - Defeat 5 or more Bahamut-Type Monsters
  • Dragonier - Defeat 15 or more Bahamut-Type Monsters
  • Dragon Hegemony - Defeat 30 or more Bahamut-Type Monsters


  • The easy way to kill Bahamut is to use Firelance with battle arts "Artillery" charge up 3 times and blast its head  but will miss melee duel in first time.
  • Different weapons can be used by the player depending on the player's skills with those weapons.
  • A 2H Sword is also recommended if you want to lop off his wings and tails. Just be cautious as you are slower and bring at least 3 Cardiac Brews.
  • When attacking up close always be cautious because Bahamut can still hit you with his thigh in Tail Whip, even if his tail misses you. Also bear in mind that he does a quick backflip before doing Dictating Charge (which is almost impossible to anticipate). If this hits you will be thrown back straight towards his path. So with 1H Swords weave in and out of range every 2-3 attacks to avoid this fatality.
  • When in rage mode, avoid his initial Ignis attack as it throws you to the second fireball, damaging you twice!
  • Maces are not recommended as they are low damaging weapons. Plus, they are slow compared to the 1H Sword but still has lower damage. Also he has no stun point so the Maces incap. attribute is of no effect.


  • Bahamut is a recurring character in Square Enix's Final Fantasy series as a summon. Also like in Lord of Arcana he has alternate forms in Final Fantasy, one has moon-like golden wings (reference to Bahamut Quietus).
  • Bahamut's battle theme, as well as his other version's, along with Grendel's, is "Vs. Guardian III".
  • Despite his title being "Heavens Fang, Dragon Lord Bahamut", his drop items are labeled with the word "Devil". This may be an error or more likely a message that he is the fang that pierces heaven or he is the bane of heaven.