General SupplierEdit

The General Supplier, located to the left of the temple entrance, is the main location for purchasing items you'll need in your quest. While it starts with very few items, and potions aren't even on the list till much later, you can still find many essentials here you'll want to take questing with you.

The items the General Supplier has in stock are listed below. Each section lists the new items the Supplier has for that point, so if you want to see the full list, simply look at each section before it.

List of ItemsEdit

List of Game Items:

Item Name: Price:



Hi Potion


X - Potion 1020
Drop of Life 970
Regen 420
Hi - Regen 600
Fountain of Life 1250
Amrita Balm 580
Cardiac Brew 210
Yoga Pill 700
Mana Crystal 1890
Antidote 260
Remedy 820
Giant Drink 560
Hardening Salve 720
Armor Salve 3120
Beast Curse 660
God Curse 730
Daemon Curse 950
Seabeast Curse 730
Undead Curse 1010
Fire Curse 650
Thunder Curse 660
Darkness Curse 600
Light Curse 700
Beast Charm 930
God Charm 320
Daemon Charm 870
Seabeast Charm 870
Undead Charm 730
Fire Charm 430
Thunder Charm 540
Darkness Charm 440
Light Charm 200
Poison Charm 140
Come-Hither Herb 160
Go-Away Herb 290
Fire Fragment 320
Fire Rock 480
Thunder Fragment 320
Thunder Rock 880
Darkness Fragment 320
Light Fragment 1120
Searchade Juice 300
Magic Glass Dust 600
Sacrifice Charm 450
Chain Seal 1200
Hawkeye Charm 179
Lucky Silver Coin 760
Lucky Gold Coin 1600
Crystal Fragment 320
Crystal Kernel 800
Emerald Dust 312
Ruby Dust 363
Diamond Dust 436
Coating Liquid 270
Leather Fastener 220
Bronze Button 260
Iron Pin 200
Crystal Button 300
Silver Clasp 258
Bronze 250
Divine Nickel 435
Tempered Iron 250
Steel 530
Jade Steel 250
Adamantite 417

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