Magma Monster of Purgatory






Agni Invades (Chapter 1 + Arcana Quest) Sandstorm Hellfire (Chapter 2)


Agni Ablaze


Right Arm

Weak Points

Right Arm (after broken)

Melee Sequence

Phase 1: O
Phase 2: []
Phase 3: O
Final Phase: X /\

Introduction Edit

Agni is the first boss you will encounter in the main story. His Arcana Release Quest, "Agni Invades," appears in the temple after finishing all available quests in Chapter 1. He is a Fire element boss that has a crystalline, fiery right arm with spikes trailing up it. He can pull a long, sword-like appendage from his knuckle that he uses for some of his attacks. He rolls around in circles during normal mode, and makes broad targeting rolls while in rage mode. His card lets you knock monsters out while fighting to get in extra hits, and can also be used to cancel out other monster's rage modes.

Agni Ablaze Attack ChangesEdit

  • Circuit Scarlet Shock: Like Agni, Agni Ablaze will jump into the middle of the battlefield and will roll around it until he reaches the edge of the battlefield, but instead of becoming dazed, Agni Ablaze will leap into the air and crush the earth beneath him, causing chunks of molten and damaging rocks to raise around him for about 2 seconds. (Unwary adventurers are always caught in this trap of his and recieve tremendous damage.)
  • Hopping Scarlet Shock: Like Agni, Agni Ablaze will roll in a straight line and then after jumping he will roll back, however when he reaches the end he will jump into the air and crush the ground around him like he does in his variation of the Circuit Scarlet Shock.
  • Ground Crush (New!): Agni Ablaze will crunch his fists and leap into the air and then crush down the earth beneath him like he does at the end of his Scarlet Shock variations, but delivering more damage to the players.

Melee Duel SequenceEdit

O | [] | O | X /\

The melee duel starts off with your character sliding under Agni, and while Agni tries to grab you, you slash his leg and jump up to slash his back and kick him away. Agni then tries to hit you with his fists as you duck then jump up to slash his chest with a downward strike. Agni jumps up to smash you, and you slide under him, and flank to his right, to slash him twice and land several feet away from him. You then charge at Agni again, and you dodge his blade as he tries to stab you, slice him through his side, move underneath him, and trip him with your weapon. Then you jump up to kick him back to the ground, and as Agni tries to regain his footing, you slash him straight through his head.

Alternate FormsEdit

Agni Ablaze

"A fiery demon that has galvanized the molten ore within its own body to attain great strength. None can so much as scratch its steely exterior." - Monster Encyclopedia, Agni Ablaze

He does NOT have a weak spot until his arm part is broken.

Agni Ablaze Melee Duel SequenceEdit

X O | X [] | X /\ | X O /\

Compendium Edit

This stony beast bends fire to his will. His lumbering charge can splinter the earth itself--mere mortals have little hope of surviving his blows!
— Monster Encyclopedia

Breakables and WeakpointsEdit


  • Chest ((Where the Furnace is) not on Agni Ablaze)
  • Right Arm (When Broken)


  • Right Arm

Item DropsEdit

  • God Armband
  • Crystal Dust
  • Fiery Fragment
  • Fiery Furnace
  • Fiery Eye
  • Great Fiery Fang ( Agni Ablaze )
  • Fiery Magma Ball
  • Big Fiery Diamond ( Agni Ablaze )
  • Fiery Right Arm ( Breakable )


  • Agni Core
  • Agni Core+ ( Agni Ablaze )

Titles gainedEdit

  • Soul Of Fire - Defeat 5 Agni-Type Monsters
  • Volcano - Defeat 15 Agni-Type Monsters
  • Fire Spinner - Defeat 30 Agni-Type Monsters

Breakables and WeakpointsEdit

  • Right Arm

Breaking his right arm is almost impossible with One-Handed or Two-Handed Swords in the normal Agni encounter (Unless you get the Melee Duel wrong on purpose, keep hitting his arm and repeat this until his arm breaks), it is recommended to use Maces, Polearms or Firelances (with Sniper Stance) to break his arm.

However, if you fight Agni Ablaze you will eventually have no choice but to remove his hand with the equipped weapon. If you do not, the Agni Ablaze's body will recieve 1 damage per hit unless you break the arm and expose the weak point.

Since Agni and Agni Ablaze are fire element bosses, he is weaker to electric shocks caused by thunder spell, which makes things easier for the player to remove the fiery hand, either by knock-downs or by accurate thunder strikes into the arm, which can easily break the arm.


  • Agni always starts a fight using his Circuit Scarlet Shock attack.
  • Unlike other monsters, Agni's attacks do not weaken or change when you break his arm.
  • Yoshitaka Amano did Agni's artwork.
  • In ancient Filipino folktale, there exists a deity named Agni.
  • If you cause the Otherworld symbol to appear over his head when roaring, readying for Scarlet Shock V3, and then quickly move out of the way, he'll home in on you very closely and jump in the other direction and he'll do it again. He is still dazed for less time than normal though.
  • Agni is also in a CAPCOM game called Devil May Cry 3. He is paired with Rudra and both are bosses. They are also dualsword weapons.
  • Agni's beginning circuit Scarlet Shock can be predicted as it always stops at northwest of the center of the field, as does the second one, but only a bit more higher. The third one lands either north east or south east of the field, after that it is just random . A tip is to run there while he does his thing(stay on the edges) so when he stops you can start attacking immediately (unless you use a Firelance, you should just use the time to load Cartridges so when he stops you can send him a painful message.